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Aksharam Egg Boiler Steamer Heavy Cooker/ Egg Boiler Egg Cooker (Pink, 7 Eggs) Egg Cooker(Pink, 7 Eggs)

Cooking eggs exactly the way you like them has never been simpler or more foolproof. With this user-friendly machine you can prepare up to seven eggs, from soft-cooked to hard-boiled, all within the same batch. Cook seven eggs at once with this automatic Egg Cooker/boiler. You can consistently prepare eggs the way you like without fat or oil. This machine cooks using steam created by a heated water reservoir. The lid features a small egg-shaped handle to open it to avoid possible burns from hot dripping water. You can insert the included small rack and use it to make evenly steamed vegetables, allowing you to use the Big Boss Egg Genie to create a healthy side dish to go along with your eggs.

Price : ₹ 899

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Cooking Modes: Egg Cooker, Egg Boiler SteamerNon-stick CoatingPower Consumed: 350 W{ "key": "In the box", "values": [ { "key": "", "value": [ "1 egg cooker" ] } ] }{ "key": "General", "values": [ { "key": "Brand", "value": [ "Aksharam" ] }, { "key": "Model Number", "value": [ "Egg Boiler Steamer Heavy Cooker/ Egg Boiler Egg Cooker (Pink, 7 Eggs)" ] }, { "key": "Number of Eggs Boiled", "value": [ "7" ] }, { "key": "Cooking Modes", "value": [ "Egg Cooker, Egg Boiler Steamer" ] }, { "key": "Color", "value": [ "Pink" ] } ] }{ "key": "Convenience Features", "values": [ { "key": "Non-stick Coating", "value": [ "Yes" ] } ] }{ "key": "Power Features", "values": [ { "key": "Power Consumption", "value": [ "350 W" ] } ] }{ "key": "Warranty", "values": [ { "key": "Warranty Summary", "value": [ "3 Months Replacement Warranty" ] }, { "key": "Service Type", "value": [ "Off Site Warranty" ] }, { "key": "Covered in Warranty", "value": [ "Manufacturer Defects Only" ] }, { "key": "Not Covered in Warranty", "value": [ "Mishandling and Damage Product" ] } ] } Aksharam kitchen_appliances offers,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best,Aksharam kitchen_appliances offer,Aksharam kitchen_appliances deals,Aksharam kitchen_appliances deal,Aksharam kitchen_appliances lowest price,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best price,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best offers,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best offer,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best deals,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best deals,Aksharam kitchen_appliances new,Aksharam kitchen_appliances near me,Aksharam kitchen_appliances cheap,Aksharam kitchen_appliances best buy,Aksharam kitchen_appliances lowest price,Aksharam kitchen_appliances lowest prices,Aksharam kitchen_appliances sale,Aksharam kitchen_appliances off,Aksharam kitchen_appliances bidbuddy,Aksharam kitchen_appliances amazon,Aksharam kitchen_appliances flipkart,Aksharam kitchen_appliances vijay sales,Aksharam kitchen_appliances online,Aksharam kitchen_appliances delivery,Aksharam kitchen_appliances fast delivery,Aksharam kitchen_appliances same day delivery,Aksharam kitchen_appliances coupon,Aksharam kitchen_appliances coupon code,Aksharam kitchen_appliances coupons,Aksharam kitchen_appliances savings,Aksharam kitchen_appliances save,Aksharam kitchen_appliances buy,Aksharam kitchen_appliances buy online,Aksharam kitchen_appliances croma

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