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CROMPTON RD 750 W Dry Iron(Blue)

Smooth and Safe Ironing Crompton Greaves CG-RD 750 watt dry iron smoothly irons all types of fabrics including cotton, silk, rayon, nylon and wool. It applies gentle pressure to remove the most rigid creases and make your clothes look as good as new. This Crompton Greaves dry iron has a thermostatic regulator knob to adjust the temperature for different types of fabrics. Simply turn the knob such that the indicator points to the fabric that you need to iron. This wired ironing master has a narrow and slim profile to reach the tricky areas of your clothes. Sky Blue Iron with Metal Soleplate The dry iron has a Sky Blue body with a matching anti heat handle that allows you to hold the iron with ease. Its metal soleplate heats up quickly for faster operations. The iron requires 750W power supply to do its job efficiently. There is a red indicator on the adjustable regulator for ironing convenience. The indicator glows when the iron is completely heated and ready to be used, and the light goes off when the iron requires to be powered. You can use the Crompton Greaves 750 Watt dry iron to give a crisper look to your clothes. Brand: Crompton Greaves Power: 750 watts Temperature adjustable regulator Metal soleplate Sky Blue body Anti heat handle Dry and smooth ironing Red Indicator Suitable for all kinds of fabric

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