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Daiyamondo E-10 225 mm Energy Saving 3 Blade Table Fan(White, Pack of 1)

9" Mist Air All Purpose Fan Air to stay cool even in the Sweltering Heat of Summers. You can easily place this All Purpose Fan on a nearby table and Enjoy the Coolness of the air produced by it. It consists of a powerful motor specially designed for Indian conditions. Special grade plastic material designed blades to produce high air delivery with 225 mm Sweep & 2400 (RPM) speed. All Purpose Fan comes with unique pivot arrangement for jerk free and features motor over heat protection. It has a unique oil reservoir lubrication that ensures reliability and long life. It has a novel base design and decorative style and Composite packaging gives you the convenience of easy assembly.

₹ 1090 ₹ 3099

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Product Details

Model Name: "Mini Table Fan || Small Size || with 1 Season Warranty || Hi-Speed || Best Performance || for Kitchen, Office etc || Stylish Design"
Brand Color: "White"
Number of Blades: "3"
Pack of: "1"
Remote: "No"
Power Requirement: "220V"

Suitable For: "Home, Office, Resturant, Gym, Shop, Godown"
Blade Sweep: "225 mm"
Airflow: "2400 cfm"
Sales Package: "1"

Box Height: "24 cm"
Box Length: "18 cm"
Box Width: "12 cm"
Weight: "1 kg"

Warranty Service Type: "OFF-SITE"
Not Covered in Warranty: "ANY KIND OF PHYSICAL DAMAGE"
Warranty Summary: "No"
Domestic Warranty: "0 Months"
International Warranty: "0 Months"


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