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Gi-Shop Smart Life Blue Roti and Khakra Maker

Buy roti maker online at best price in India. Add this smart solution in your home appliances from the house of SmartLife and bring ease to your household chores. Made from stainless steel body, it comes with non-stick coating plate that is ideal for making rotis, papads, khakra & chillas. Being light in weight, it consumes 900W power with cord-ward for storage. As a part of todays invention, it cooks food without the use of oil and saves time & fuel as well. Most importantly, it comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and available on cash on delivery option for ease and convenience.

₹ 1210 ₹ 2099

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Product Details

: "1 Roti Mkaer"

Brand: "Gi-Shop"
Non Stick: "Yes"
Color: "Blue"

Power Requirement: "220"
Power Consumption: "900"

: "Step 1: Open Plate and Connect The Plug Into 230240V Socket., Step 2: Wait till Indicator Light Automatically Goes Off. The the unit is ready to use. The temperature will be maintained by the Thermostat and indicator will glow slowly., Step 3: Prepare Dough of about an inch Diameter, Flatten these balls slightly., Step 4: Place the Dough Ball slightly off centre towards the rear of the Bottom Plate., Step 5: Close the Upper Plate and gently press down the Lever., Step 6: Open the Upper Plate After few seconds ; the dough now rolled into shape of Roti, Leave it in this state for 15-20 Seconds., Step 7: Flip the roti over. In about 20-25 seconds, air bubbles will begin to form on the top surface of the Roti., Step 8: After Step 7 turn the roti over and gently shut down the upper plate of the Roti Maker, after few seconds roti will start puffing up from both the sides., Now your roti Cooked in the Roti Maker is ready to be served."

Width: "8 cm"
Height: "10 cm"
Weight: "1 kg"
Plate Diameter: "8 inch"


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