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Home / Mehta Non-Stick Frying Pan with Egg Poacher Boiler and Omelette Maker Egg Pan Egg Cooker(Multicolor, 7 Eggs)

Mehta Non-Stick Frying Pan with Egg Poacher Boiler and Omelette Maker Egg Pan Egg Cooker(Multicolor, 7 Eggs)

Eggs are great for breakfast, for snack time and can even make a nice side dish when you have nothing else cooked for lunch or dinner. With this multifunctional egg cooker from Dragon, you can steam, fry or boil eggs with great ease. Non-Stick Coating The non-stick coating of this egg cooker lets you cook without having to come across any sticky spots on the surface. Stainless Steel Made of stainless steel, the egg cooker is durable and very easy to clean. Capacity Of Six Eggs This egg cooker lets you cook six eggs at a time, so making breakfast for the family is going to be fast and easy. Includes A Steaming Bowl The egg cooker also comes with a steaming bowl which you can use to prepare hard boiled eggs quickly. Transparent Cover The transparent cover lets you see the status of the eggs in your cooker so you don’t have to open the cooker to check the status of the eggs inside.

Price : ₹ 1199

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