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RUBS SD14 Egg Cooker(Multicolor, 1 Eggs)

This handy product lets you cook eggs in just 7 minutes. With Multi function Electric egg Cooker,or can use this egg steamer to cook, Make 7 hard, medium, and soft boiled eggs, individual omelettes, 1-3 poached eggs and scrambled eggs!. It's automatic shut-off function turns off the egg cooker automatically, giving you perfect eggs every time. Now you can enjoy your eggs the way you want them and no more cooking accidents.Perfect eggs, your way, every time Deviled Eggs Cook hard-boiled eggs for making deviled eggs with ease. Eggs Benedict Makes perfectly poached eggs every time. Omelette Fluffy individual omelettes with no added oil! Egg Salad Hard-boil eggs for fresh egg salad sandwiches. Make tasty omelettes, fried eggs, fried fish, dumplings, pancakes and boil up to five eggs at a time easily with this Bugbear multi function frying/steaming device.

Price : ₹ 999

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Cooking Modes: MediumNon-stick CoatingPower Consumed: 16 W{ "key": "In the box", "values": [ { "key": "", "value": [ "1 Steamer Device, 1 Frying Pan" ] } ] }{ "key": "General", "values": [ { "key": "Brand", "value": [ "RUBS" ] }, { "key": "Model Number", "value": [ "SD14" ] }, { "key": "Number of Eggs Boiled", "value": [ "1" ] }, { "key": "Cooking Modes", "value": [ "Medium" ] }, { "key": "Color", "value": [ "Multicolor" ] }, { "key": "Material", "value": [ "Plastic" ] } ] }{ "key": "Convenience Features", "values": [ { "key": "Non-stick Coating", "value": [ "Yes" ] } ] }{ "key": "Power Features", "values": [ { "key": "Power Consumption", "value": [ "16 W" ] } ] } RUBS kitchen_appliances offers,RUBS kitchen_appliances best,RUBS kitchen_appliances offer,RUBS kitchen_appliances deals,RUBS kitchen_appliances deal,RUBS kitchen_appliances lowest price,RUBS kitchen_appliances best price,RUBS kitchen_appliances best offers,RUBS kitchen_appliances best offer,RUBS kitchen_appliances best deals,RUBS kitchen_appliances best deals,RUBS kitchen_appliances new,RUBS kitchen_appliances near me,RUBS kitchen_appliances cheap,RUBS kitchen_appliances best buy,RUBS kitchen_appliances lowest price,RUBS kitchen_appliances lowest prices,RUBS kitchen_appliances sale,RUBS kitchen_appliances off,RUBS kitchen_appliances bidbuddy,RUBS kitchen_appliances amazon,RUBS kitchen_appliances flipkart,RUBS kitchen_appliances vijay sales,RUBS kitchen_appliances online,RUBS kitchen_appliances delivery,RUBS kitchen_appliances fast delivery,RUBS kitchen_appliances same day delivery,RUBS kitchen_appliances coupon,RUBS kitchen_appliances coupon code,RUBS kitchen_appliances coupons,RUBS kitchen_appliances savings,RUBS kitchen_appliances save,RUBS kitchen_appliances buy,RUBS kitchen_appliances buy online,RUBS kitchen_appliances croma

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