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TradeVast TR5151 TR5151 Egg Cooker(Pink, 14 Eggs)

Now you can boil eggs in a TradeVast, thanks to the newly launched TradeVast Electric Egg Cooker. This innovative product made of high quality stainless steel heater boils eggs in just 7 mins, which in effect means that it costs less than 10 paisa for 14 eggs. It boils egg in steam generated by stainless steel heater in 220V/400W Power with 25 ML Water. It is advisable to use drinking water for long life of the heater. Add Water According to the measuring Pot,you can steam different extent eggs. it will be delicious,nutritional,elasticity as well. its easy to peel the shell. and the eggs wont crack on the account of the desing of cut-out hole. Other Features : Compatible Design With Nice Appearance Makes For a Great Gift For Your Family and Friends Unit Integrated Food Grade Material Unbrakable Crystal Clear Top CoverNew and Improved High Capacity Design High Efficiency Stainless Steel Heating Plate , Once water Drying Operating Double Thermal Protection for Safe Application Easy To Read Operation Indicator Light Comes With Steam Shelf and Measuring CupAvailable Cooking Capacity up to 14 EggsCan Be Used as a Food Steamer Enjoy Different DIY Egg Dishes Rate Voltage: AC 220-240V 50-60Hz.

Price : ₹ 538

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Cooking Modes: Cooker and SteamerNon-stick CoatingPower Consumed: 220 WAutomatic Shut-off{ "key": "In the box", "values": [ { "key": "", "value": [ "1" ] } ] }{ "key": "General", "values": [ { "key": "Brand", "value": [ "TradeVast" ] }, { "key": "Model Name", "value": [ "TR5151" ] }, { "key": "Model Number", "value": [ "TR5151" ] }, { "key": "Number of Eggs Boiled", "value": [ "14" ] }, { "key": "Number of Eggs Poached", "value": [ "2" ] }, { "key": "Number of Layers", "value": [ "2" ] }, { "key": "Cooking Modes", "value": [ "Cooker and Steamer" ] }, { "key": "Color", "value": [ "Pink" ] }, { "key": "Material", "value": [ "Plastic, Stainless Steel" ] } ] }{ "key": "Convenience Features", "values": [ { "key": "Non-stick Coating", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "Automatic Shut-off", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "Built-in Cord Storage", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "Reheating", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "Water Free", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "See-through Cover", "value": [ "Yes" ] }, { "key": "Piercing Pin", "value": [ "Yes" ] } ] }{ "key": "Power Features", "values": [ { "key": "Power Requirement", "value": [ "220" ] }, { "key": "Power Consumption", "value": [ "220 W" ] } ] } TradeVast kitchen_appliances offers,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best,TradeVast kitchen_appliances offer,TradeVast kitchen_appliances deals,TradeVast kitchen_appliances deal,TradeVast kitchen_appliances lowest price,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best price,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best offers,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best offer,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best deals,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best deals,TradeVast kitchen_appliances new,TradeVast kitchen_appliances near me,TradeVast kitchen_appliances cheap,TradeVast kitchen_appliances best buy,TradeVast kitchen_appliances lowest price,TradeVast kitchen_appliances lowest prices,TradeVast kitchen_appliances sale,TradeVast kitchen_appliances off,TradeVast kitchen_appliances bidbuddy,TradeVast kitchen_appliances amazon,TradeVast kitchen_appliances flipkart,TradeVast kitchen_appliances vijay sales,TradeVast kitchen_appliances online,TradeVast kitchen_appliances delivery,TradeVast kitchen_appliances fast delivery,TradeVast kitchen_appliances same day delivery,TradeVast kitchen_appliances coupon,TradeVast kitchen_appliances coupon code,TradeVast kitchen_appliances coupons,TradeVast kitchen_appliances savings,TradeVast kitchen_appliances save,TradeVast kitchen_appliances buy,TradeVast kitchen_appliances buy online,TradeVast kitchen_appliances croma

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