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VGmax Electric Iron Steam Portable Handy 1100 W Garment Steamer(White)

This handheld garment & facial steamer. Product characteristics : 1) reducing wrinkles, removing dust, sterilizing and disinfecting by high temperature steam.Humidifying, caring face and physiotherapy by soft steam. 2) it's very secure and do no harm to clothes, and also very convenient to carry since its ligh weight. 3) built-in visible water level tank.4) It owns double safety protection device to cut the power when short of water.5) removing dust, reducing wrinkles, sterilization, disinfection,humidification,facial care.6) 4 in1 beauty facial steamer(deep skin moisturizing, deep skin cleansing, soften skin cuticle,smoothing and whitening the skin

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Product Details

Sales Package: "1"

Brand: "VGmax"
Model: "Electric Iron Steam Portable Handy"
Type: "Garment Steamer"
Color: "White"

Soleplate type: "titanium"

Spray: "Yes"
Steam Burst: "Yes"

Water Tank Capacity (ml): "200 ml"

Power Consumption: "1100 W"

Height: "30 cm"
Width: "10 cm"
Depth: "10 cm"

Service Type: "NA"
Warranty Summary: "NA"
Covered In Warranty: "NA"
Not Covered In Warranty: "NA"


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