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pinkparifashion Room PinkPari 3 In 1 Mini USB House Humidifier Fan Night Light 3 Color Home Office Air Purifier Humidifier

1.Built-in lithium battery for long-lasting life 2. 3-in-1 USB Humidifier: Humidifier, minifan, colorful night light. 3. Intelligent waterless protection: The humidifier will auto power off after 4 hours use. 4. Lovely and charming house design, it is also a decorative element adding to your home 5. Heavy fog, wireless humidification, USB rechargeable, Ideal for the dry autumn and winter. 6. 250ML large capacity, quiet working, no need to add water frequently, work comfortably in a day 7. Provides nanometer sized water mist to refresh the air you breathe, relax your mind, body and sprit.Instruction: 1. Spray Function: Connected power first, then take around 1-2 minutes to wait the cotton swab absorbed water fully, press the switch button around 3s to turn on the spray(blue LED indication when the spray function is turned on,) press again to turn off device(LED is off). 2. Night Light Function: the 1s time to shortly press(1s) button to turn on the night light, Multi-color constantly change; 2nd time to shortly press(1s) to fix the light color; 3rd time to shortly press to turn off night light . 3. Timing Function: When the spray is on, it will be automatically closed after4 hours. If hope to work again. it needs to be manually pressed. 4. Mini House Humidifier Battery Version: The red indicator flashes when charging, and the red indicator lights up when it is full. Charge time 3 hours, use time about 3-5hours under spray function.

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